Inna Evtoushenko, RMT, CDT

Restorative Massage Therapy offers treatments to manage lymphedema, reduce swelling, relieve pain, decrease stress, and promote relaxation.

Inna Evtoushenko, RMT, CDT


I am a Registered Massage Therapist with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO). I am also a Certified Lymphedema Therapist with Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy. My home based practice offers therapeutic massage therapy and complete decongestive therapy treatments ranging from manual lymph drainage, Swedish massage and aromatherapy to deeper restorative muscular work such as deep tissue, trigger point, and myofascial therapy necessary to decrease tension and pain.

I’ve earned my Honours Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto and graduated with Honours from ICT Kikkawa College of Massage Therapy where I’m currently employed as neuro student clinic supervisor. I’ve earned my lymphedema therapist certification at Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy. In addition to my academic background, being a fitness instructor gives me a unique opportunity to understand body mechanics and the natural way of healing which I apply in my individualized treatment approach. I have practiced in a variety of clinical as well as spa settings. I work with a wide array of clients, such as those with sport injuries, spinal cord injuries, pregnancies, postpartum, palliative care, autism, and many more.

My treatment approach is focused on developing an individualized treatment plan with a combination of therapeutic manual tissue manipulation and home self-care. Whether it is reducing daily stress or rehabilitative care, my drive to educate and enhance the healthy lifestyle of my clients is the motivation for me to practice my craft of registered massage therapy and complete decongestive therapy effectively. I am passionate about what I do and feel honored about being given an opportunity to contribute to the health and healing of others.

I strongly believe in giving back to the community. Therefore, I volunteer my time, skills, and expertise on the Registered Massage Therapists team at the annual Bike 4 Life Rally where women and men, young and old embark on the epic journey cycling from Toronto to Montreal in efforts to raise funds for People With Aids Foundation (PWA). This organization plays an integral role in helping people with AIDS live productive and fulfilling lives. This experience is not only rewarding, but it also gives me a great opportunity to work with different sport related injuries and their manifestations. Visit www.bikerally.org to support this great cause. I have also volunteered my time, skills, and expertise on the Registered Massage Therapists team at the Invictus Games held in Toronto in year 2017.

The following is a list of continuing education courses that I have successfully completed in order to increase my knowledge base which is essential for the benefits of my clients. The courses are education sessions designed to ensure that massage therapists remain current with respect to the constantly evolving competencies of the profession. They also elevate the standard of care massage therapists provide to their clients.

Clinical Decision Making During Assessment

Course Description

A complete subjective exam and a comprehensive objective exam of live cases, along with a discussion of differential diagnosis. Appropriate treatment strategies are discussed in detail for each case to ensure the client leaves the assessment with clear understanding of the type of treatment and exercises required. Evidence-based practices are used to guide the assessment and treatment, including clinical practice guidelines, normative data and special tests with high sensitivity and specificity.

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunctions

Course Description
  • 1. Understand the anatomy and biomechanics of the pelvic girdle and sacroiliac joints
  • 2. Assess sacroiliac dysfunctions in standing, sitting, supine and prone
  • 3. Treat and provide specific corrections for home treatment of each dysfunction
  • 4. Understand the role of the pelvic floor muscles in sacroiliac dysfunction and pelvic pain
  • 5. Progress clients to an exercise program incorporating muscle balance for their pelvic girdle/postural dysfunction
  • 6. Identify benchmarks for client’s treatment and exercise progressions

Strain Counterstrain

Course Description

 Practical hands-on course focusing on the following topics: anatomy and function of muscle spindle, causes of muscle hypertonicity, development of Strain-Counterstrain, physiological response on muscle to positional release and ischemic compressions, and treatments for some of the most common conditions where increased muscle tone are the main cause of the pathology-using Strain-Counterstrain techniques. The main focus is on combining Strain-Counterstrain release techniques with standard massage manipulations, hydrotherapy, and remedial exercises to provide treatments for some of the most common soft tissue disorders-functional scoliosis, iliopsoas shortening, piriformis syndrome, pelvic obliquity, tension headache, thoracic outlet syndrome, scapulohumeral syndrome.

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